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Australians love to entertain and with summer approaching it’s a perfect time to start looking at your outdoor entertaining area. Our team at Surfcoast Electrics have more than 20 years experience helping our Geelong and Surfcoast clients plan, design and install their outdoor lighting electrical, enabling them to entertain their guests all year round, while also enhancing their homes external features, lighting up paths and driveways, improving security and beautifying their gardens.

To begin planning your outdoor area it’s important to know what types of outdoor lighting are available. Our qualified electricians are experts when it comes to outdoor lighting electrical, and can assist you throughout the entire process. So let us explain some outdoor lighting options in more detail.

Path Lighting
Path lights are hugely popular and are used to provide soft lighting to pathways, driveways, walkways and steps. They not only improve the lighting around your home, but also improve your homes safety and security.

Bollard and Post Lighting
Bollard lights are short vertical pillars which are beneficial to light up paths and driveways. Bollard lighting can enhance your home’s alfresco area, while also used around boardwalks, pools, water features and improving lighting in your entrance area. Bollard lights are available in stainless steel, woodgrain or coloured. They also come in a round or square style depending on your preference.

Up Lighting
Up lights are a light fixture generally installed at ground level. Up lights are designed to direct light upwards and are used to highlight trees, plants, or a special feature of your home. Up lights are usually used in conjunction with Spotlights to create layers, shadows and depth to your outdoor area.

Lamp Post Lighting
Lamp Post lights are tall poles with a light at the top. Lamp post lights are great outside lights used to light up your entire entertaining area, while also providing style and sophistication. Lamp post lights are available in a contemporary style, or for a heritage look they are available in a coach light or lantern style, making them a stylish design feature on their own.

Outdoor Wall Lighting
Wall lighting is an effective way to provide subtle lighting to enhance the texture and features of any wall. Wall lights are perfect to be used on a large wall or fence area, in outdoor cooking areas, around pools and on decking and patios. Depending on your wall colour, your may choose coloured wall lighting accessories to compliment your design.

Water Lighting
Whether your have a pool, spa, pond or water feature in your outdoor area, there are a range of fantastic water lights available. If you are wanting a more subtle look you may prefer the stainless steel or white varieties, but if you are wanting to make a bold statement, then the luminous colour changing lighting may be preferred.

Solar Lighting
Solar lighting can be an option to light up some areas of your home for short times. They are a cost effective light, but please consider that they may not have enough power supply to shine all night and may not provide a consistent illumination, which can affect your lighting if there are more than one together.

Sensor Lighting
By installing sensor lights around your home can improve your homes security and your safety. Motion sensor lights come on when triggered by a moving object and are beneficial to walk along paths and driveways at night, but are also ideal at front and back doors to provide light when using a key.

We hope we have given you more knowledge about outdoor lighting electrical and you are even more inspired to begin your outdoor landscaping and lighting designs. Please call us on 0418 319 579 and let us help you entertain your guests in the great outdoors!

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