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Geelong’s Property Boom – Time to Buy or Build

For more than 20 years I have been a Geelong electrician servicing clients locally and around the Surf Coast, helping make people’s dreams come true by providing electrical services to new home owners, investors and industrial and commercial building owners. By living and working in the Geelong area, I have been fortunate enough to have seen the dramatic changes in the property market and watched our once sleepy seaside towns of Geelong, Torquay, Ocean Grove and surrounds, become one of the highest property growth areas outside of Melbourne.

Recently the Real Estate Research firm “Hotspotting” placed Geelong in first place as the Top Regional Hotspot for 2017. With Melbourne residential and commercial properties becoming too expensive for many city dwellers; the land, homes and buildings in Geelong and the Surf Coast have become more appealing. Property in Geelong and the surrounding districts are not only more affordable, but also provide a beautiful seaside lifestyle. We have also seen billion dollar upgrades to rail links to Melbourne and the construction of the Ring Road, meaning commuting to and from Melbourne has never been easier.

On average the property prices in Geelong have increased by 7% in the past year, with a 14% increase in Newtown and a 16% increase in East Geelong, with reports saying it’s never been a better time to consider buying or building a new home or office. If you also meet the conditions of the First Home Owner’s Grant, you will also be eligible to receive a $10,000 payment towards the purchase of your first home. To see if you meet the requirements, please go to the State Revenue Office Website.

Property Developers and Builders are also seeing the benefits in the Geelong property market rise. With the Geelong Shire approving more than 2500 new dwellings and buildings in the past year, the commercial and industrial areas are thriving, which in turn is creating the continued infrastructure and economy to support the property boom.

As a Geelong electrician for more than two decades, I have also seen a lot of changes in my industry. With the beautiful historical architecture of Geelong, years ago many of my clients were buying and renovating period homes and old buildings, and my electrical services included full home and office rewiring of switchboards, light fittings and electrical outlets, in order to meet electrical safety standards and the demands of modern appliances.
Whereas these days although I am still undertaking residential and commercial rewiring, with the extensive release of land around Geelong, I now have more clients building brand new offices, warehouses and contemporary homes, and my electrical services include more complex electrical connections including mains switchboards, emergency and exit lighting systems, voice and data networking, security lighting and safety switches, just to name a few.

So if you have made the investment into the Geelong or Surf Coast property market and require an electrician, then please give me a call on 0418319579. I can provide you with lighting and design solutions during the planning process, but also meet all your commercial and residential electrical needs throughout your purchase, build or renovation.

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